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ESG Policy

Elevate recognizes the critical importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in building sustainable businesses and ensuring sound credit underwriting. To that end, Elevate is committed to integrating ESG considerations into decision-making processes across the entire organization.

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Our Approach

Elevate's approach to ESG is centered around driving positive change within the company and across our portfolio, wherever we can have the most impact. Our focus is on ESG factors that are meaningful to both our employees and stakeholders, including:


Environmental considerations such as greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, waste management, energy management and efficiency, land use and climate risk.


Social considerations such as diversity, equity and inclusion, human rights and modern slavery, employee health and safety, labor relations and practices, customer privacy and security, and product quality and safety.


Governance considerations such as corporate governance and oversight, risk management, conflicts of interest, transparency (including financial and operational reporting), fraud, anti-bribery and anti-corruption controls.

Driving Global Change

A "Made in Canada" ESG Export


Elevate requires its portfolio companies to move toward modern best-in-class approaches, making our firm a unique ESG export. Integrating ESG factors into credit decisions is crucial for creating global change. Elevate defines "material" ESG factors as those that have a significant impact on a company's ability to maintain or create economic value.  


Focus on Good Governance


We believe that good governance builds trust and confidence among stakeholders by enhancing efficiency and sustainability while creating long-term value. We promote transparent decision-making, clear accountability, regulatory compliance, diversity and inclusion, and reduced environmental impact. Good governance is a fundamental principle that guides Elevate's decision-making and underpins all of our business practices.


Monitoring and Support


Elevate provides support to its portfolio companies throughout their various stages of growth, offering guidance, especially on good governance. To monitor environmental, social, and governance performance across the organization, Elevate conducts an annual ESG survey and data collection process. It seeks participation of portfolio companies in this process to ensure ESG progress. Elevate's Asset Management teams collaborate with portfolio companies where Elevate has a material exposure to implement best practices, providing resources such as insights, training, and expertise to pursue shared goals.

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