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Our mission is to empower exporters and importers to grow their business through international financing and risk management solutions.

Three companies, one purpose.

A/R Finance and

working capital

solutions to bolster

cash and let you

grow with confidence.


Buyer Finance to support your sales by financing your customers to

purchase your goods.


A/R Insurance to give you peace of mind and protect your receivables.

The Elevate Capital solution.

  • ​Elevate Capital helps Canadian SMEs solve liquidity challenges

  • We buy foreign receivables that go out as far as 180 days, thereby increasing the competitiveness of Canadian firms

  • We’ll fund 90% of the Face Value of the receivables right away

  • We offer our clients a simple process, fair pricing, and flawless execution​

  • Elevate Capital works across all sectors and focuses on markets where our customers sell

  • We are collaborative and efficient. Our clients have direct access to decision-makers, ensuring tailored service

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Why sell your receivables?

Most banks don’t offer this product, particularly to start-ups with little or no history. But there are many ways that selling receivables and improving cash flow can help your business.

  • Funding ongoing payroll expenses

  • Importing or buying more inventory

  • Fulfilling a large purchase order


  • Quick growth is expected and funding is needed


  • Maintaining equity in the business


  • Smoothing out revenue cycle in a seasonal business


  • Keeping cash on balance sheets, particularly at quarter or year-end

Selling Receivables

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